Circles and Lines

A progressive pedagogical resource for intermediate pianists that teaches students how to approach unconventional piano techniques and notation through specifically commissioned repertoire by diverse female composers.


Music should be fun, creative, and relevant. 

With each innovation of the piano since 1700, composers have pushed the boundaries of what the instrument is capable of, resulting in a vast repertoire often utilizing unconventional techniques and notation systems. Much of this recent repertoire, however, is written by male composers, specifically for advanced pianists. Young pianists are not exposed to these types of techniques, sounds, and concepts during the foundational years of their musical development. As time passes and advanced repertoire continues to grow, our pedagogical resources lose relevance. Circles and Lines attempts to address this schism in the early formative years of a student’s development. It is a progressive method book, with new and engaging repertoire for both upright and grand pianos, written by female composers from diverse backgrounds. Each piece is specifically commissioned to include non-traditional techniques, allowing the associated sounds and concepts to be fully integrated into students’ musical lives from the earliest ages.